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Alba Montori

indice generale

 it fascinates to me and it always is strange to see the matter, species that more BRUTE.. the "TRASH", than is transformed slowly, slowly becomes high from himself, other from me until becoming OTHER also in the eyes of who watches the result.
Nevertheless,  it comes recognized for that it is and also for what it means

Of my favorite work, to operate art for me it is entirety passion, that it exceeds and it renders practically null any other, from that elementary (hunger sleep - sex) to that "more spiritual" (reading, information, socialization, etc.)


Constant it searches of traditional ways, but also new, totally invents to me, of visual and three-dimensional expression (and even pictures) or penta and via therefore, of feelings, states of mind, situations of the psycodrama (human) daily that it encircles to me


 and it is involved to me to full time from always and it fascinates to me and do me horrfyed or it amuses to me so crazy!