Alba Montori

About Me/chi sono

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To evoke feelings is my "trade", like artist it is only this that I can make...
but the feelings are within of we, and if not there are.. have wants to evoke!

To me it appeals to do fantasies, indeed sometimes my fantasies are for me more real of the truth...
..and this decidedly makes part of my character, positive or negative who is, like the ability to project to me outside of my body and overfly space and time for being here where me door the heart... or like you want
to call it!

Thanks gods of for that I consider a wonderful gift and I would want that all could enjoy of the effects...
To succeed, through the fantasy, to exit the truth and to cast in the pure fantasy and to make it to become a very wonderful power!!!

But I must myself nearly be always pleased to above all use those little that I have some in order to concur with my body, and to my mind, to survive in extreme situations, that they are one constant of my life from always.
What is of end extremely in my life?
apparently null....